Thursday, October 22, 2009

Picking favorites: Enoc Perez

Enoc Perez's monoprints have been up in our gallery for a little over a month and I am still in awe of their tactility. "Teatro Popular, NiterĂłi, Brazil (#5)," the image pictured above, is my current favorite and since one of our collectors just purchased it yesterday, this week will be my last chance to spend time with it. I pass the piece at least 10 times a day and it draws me closer each and every time.

Last night the Printshop held a small get together, inviting our patrons and collectors to the studio for some drinks and the opportunity to hear Enoc talk his creative process. It was a great evening filled with wine, good conversation, and a real insight into the collaborative process behind the Printshop's publishing residencies. Enoc, Doug, and Jamie talked a lot about the relationship between printmaking and painting, and even went so far as to illustrate some of the different techniques they used to achieve the magnificent results above.


This morning when I came back to work and settled back into the swing of things, answering emails and working on preparing for the upcoming Editions and Artists' Book Fair, I kept staring off into the gallery, specifically focusing on "Pan American Terminal, Kennedy Airport (#19)." After last night the textured rainbow background is even more seductive and the layering of the image creates the illusion that the building is reaching out of the paper towards you. Perhaps a new favorite is in the making.

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It is late on this Thursday afternoon.  We are all giddy about the fact that one of our larger grants has arrived and we can breathe easily for a while.  Our sweet and patient new Keyholders will soon receive their stipends as well.  I wish every Thursday were like this, and that we could always part before a weekend excited and happy about the coming week. 

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